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Do you love the cello? Do you love Celtic music? Would you like to build a new repertoire of tunes that everyone will love?  Would you like to transform your approach to playing the cello and find ease in your playing? The Celtic Cello Club is for you!  

One of the best parts of being in The Celtic Cello Club is that YOU are part of the creative process. Your questions, your input, my teaching, our interaction all contribute to this being a unique tailored experience.

  • Each month you will get access to videos, mp3 recordings and sheet music for three new beautiful Celtic Cello tunes. 
  • Learn how to mindfully warm up the Body and Spirit for playing the cello.
  • Q & A about any technical issues you might have with sound, string-crossings, position changes, intonation, Celtic style improvisation and more.
  • From September through June there is a 90min Coaching call on the 2nd Saturday of every month.  7PM (Bern), 1PM (New York).
  • Join a community of supportive cellists from around the world for a unique learning experience with award-winning Celtic cellist Clíodhna Ní Aodáin.
  • Grow your repertoire and confidence while making new cellist friends all over the world!
  • Cellists of all levels welcome!

Make Celtic Cello a part of your life

Experience the joy of making beautiful music every day

The healing power of Celtic music

I believe in the healing power of Celtic music. These tunes have been around for hundreds of years, passed down from one generation to the next. There is a magic in these tunes. When you play this music you will feel your soul resonate with a wisdom from another time.

If you play the cello you are so lucky. I believe that playing the cello is one of the best things you can do for your nervous system. Even playing simple long open strings has a calming effect. The vibrations of the cello can be felt in the whole body.

Combining playing the cello with Celtic music is a match made in heaven. The cello lends itself so beautifully to these heartfelt melodies from another era. This is the joy and beauty you can create in your life every day.

- Clíodhna Ní Aodáin

Your Teacher

Master Cello Teacher

Clíodhna Ní Aodáin

Clíodhna Ní Aodáin is an Irish cellist, composer, teacher, conductor and artist. She studied cello with Olwen Lewis and Aisling Drury-Byrne at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin, with Emma Ferrand at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester (BMusRNCM), Yuli Turovsky at the Université de Montréal (MMus Interprétation) and Susanne Basler at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (Konzertdiplom). She has worked extensively with David Darling and is currently studying Jazz cello and composition with Eugene Friesen, professor at Berklee College of Music, Boston. Clíodhna also studied conducting with Atso Almilla, professor at the Sibelius Academy in Finland. Originally from Dublin, Clíodhna now lives and works in Bern, Switzerland, where she teaches cello and conducts a children’s orchestra at the Musikschule Konservatorium Bern. Clíodhna also conducts the Orchester Divertimento Bern. In 2018 Clíodhna founded The Celtic Cello as a project of the heart. Her Irish music mentor is the legendary Irish fiddler, Martin Hayes.


Your videos beautifully communicate a teaching style I admire and resonate with. Somatic and easeful, inspiring the joy of learning... engaging awareness, commitment and trust.
- Piper Leigh, Artist & Cellist

The Celtic Cello Club introduced me to some Irish tunes that will inspire my cello playing for months and years to come.
- Jim, Ontario, Canada

If you love Celtic music, you will love the selection of songs Clíodhna chose to share. I wholeheartedly recommend The Celtic Cello Club and the benefits of learning from Clíodhna Ní Aodáin.
- Linda Harrison, Florida, US

The way you lead these workshops is delightful, engages the players at the level of a deep musical connection, and makes everyone feel alright.
- Marianne R. Professional Cellist and Cello teacher, London

I'm enjoying very much the Celtic Cello Club, the music and the other cellists.  It's been very good for me in a lot of ways.  I'm learning a lot of new music, about how to improve my playing and love that I'm learning to improvise and the accompanying music!
- Corinne Lilie, Massachusetts, US

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Celtic Cello Club!! :-)

    • Celtic Greetings!

    • The Celtic Cello Club description

    • ZOOM LINK for Live Classes

  • 2

    February 2023

    • Warm-ups

    • Celtic Scales in Bb

    • Imbolc Intro

    • Bridget Cruise (3rd Setting)

    • The Rakes of Kildare

    • Bríd Óg Ní Mháille

    • February MP3s

    • Of Brigid by Piper Leigh

    • The Rain Jig by Gabriele Mengen

  • 3

    January 2023

    • Warm-ups

    • Celtic Scales in G

    • Celtic Scales in D

    • The Leitrim Jig

    • The Cup of Tea

    • The Banana Sandwich

    • January MP3s

    • January Live Class

  • 4

    December 2022

    • Warm -ups

    • Celtic Scales in G

    • Promentory from The Last of the Mohicans

    • Hector the Hero

    • Madame Maxwell

    • BONUS HOLIDAY TUNE - Skye Boat Song

    • BONUS CHRISTMAS TUNE - Christmas in Killarney

    • December Live Class

    • December MP3s

  • 5

    November 2022

    • Warm -ups

    • Celtic Scales in G

    • Celtic Scales in D

    • The Night Poor Larry was Stretched

    • Thàinig an Gille Dubh

    • Jenny Picking Cockles

    • November MP3s

    • November Live Class

  • 6

    October 2022

    • Three new Celtic Cello tunes

    • Warm-ups

    • Tell Her I Am

    • Rakish Paddy

    • C'ait an caidil an riomhain a' nochd - Where shall the beauty sleep tonight?

    • October Live Class

    • Tell her I am mp3

    • Rakish Paddy mp3

    • C'ait an caidil an riomhain a' nochd mp3

    • October MP3s

  • 7

    September 2022

    • Three new Celtic Cello tunes.

    • Warm-ups

    • The Lark in the Morning

    • Kitty Gone a' Milking

    • Báidín Fheidhlimidh

    • September Live Class

    • The Lark in the Morning

    • Kitty Gone a' Milking

    • Báidín Fheidhlimidh

    • Báidín Fheidhlimidh CHORDS

  • 8

    August 2022

    • Three new Celtic Cello tunes.

    • Warm-ups

    • Mo Ghile Mear

    • Harvest Home

    • The Old Favourite

    • Mo Ghile Mear

    • Harvest Home

    • The Old Favourite

  • 9

    July 2022

    • Three new Celtic Cello tunes.

    • Warm-ups

    • The Red-Haired Girl - Slip Jig

    • S fhada bhon a dh fhàg mi 'n gleann - I left the Valley long ago - Slow Air

    • The Boys of Tulla - Reel

    • The Red-Haired Girl

    • S fhada Bhon a dh fhàg mi'n gleann - I left the Valley long ago

    • The Boys of Tulla

  • 10

    June 2022

    • An Chúilfhionn

    • June live recording - An Chúilfhionn

    • The Humors of Limerick

    • June live recording - The Humours of Limerick

    • The Parting Glass

    • June live recording - The Parting Glass

    • An Chúilfhionn

    • The Hunors of Limerick

    • The Parting Glass


  • I am a beginner. Can I join The Celtic Cello Club?

    The sheet music and videos you receive will always have a version in the first position that is suitable for beginners. If you are comfortable with playing in the first position you are welcome to join. As well as your three tunes a month, you will also get cello technique and practice tips to improve your all-round playing: posture, sound, intonation etc.

  • I have been playing the cello all my life. What will I get from The Celtic Cello Club?

    I will be catering to all levels: Beginners will get the basic tunes and cello tips. Intermediates will also pick up some ornamentation and rhythmic changes. Advanced players will also try alternative fingers and bowings with added chords. Professionals will get ideas for teaching as well as a new repertoire for performances.

  • What if I need to cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription any time.

  • I have some technical difficulties with my cello playing. Can you help me?

    Of course! Trouble-shooting technical cello issues is one of my favourite things to do! After 30 years of professional performance and teaching experience I really know what works!

Your Celtic cellist checklist

Here are the benefits of joining The Celtic Cello Club

  • Grow your repertoire with three Celtic tunes every month. Get access to sheet music, videos and mp3 recordings.

  • 10 x 90min interactive coaching call annually. Monthly from September - June on the second Saturday of each month.

  • Coaching calls recorded and stored in your learning portal for future learning.

  • Expert tuition from award-winning Celtic cellist, Clíodhna Ní Aodáin who has more than 30 years of teaching experience.

  • Zero travel expenses.

  • Meet Celtic music lovers from around the world.

  • Access to a private Club Room to interact with other students and exchange ideas.

  • Create Beauty and Joy in your life every day.

The Celtic Cello Club